Vinícola del Condado, our history

Although the history of Wine County officially written from 1955, of its wines and winemakers started much earlier. The wines of the region of Condado de Huelva are different for more than six centuries.

Brave wines, that sailed with Columbus to the New World, and centuries later helped to save the fate of bollulleros farmers. The lands of Bollullos par del Condado were divided into small plots. Growers in the region contrasted with the large landowners who traditionally dominated the Andalusian countryside. Small winegrowers were victims of abuses of the great winemakers and grape sold at very low prices imposed by buyers.

Time passed and farmers increasingly produced more and better quality grapes but were subject to the great economic game. The year was 1953 and the bollulleros winemakers were to face an event without knowing definitively change this untenable situation. That year was magnificent. Grape production was so high that the vendimiar found themselves without enough to store all the fruits harvested space. They had to go to the old disused ponds lots and houses. Bollullos people remember that event as the "year of the pools".

In this situation, small vintners became aware of the precariousness of their situation and decide to join together cooperatively to put solution to your problem: facing the winemakers of equals. Thus is born BODEGA COOPERATIVA VINÍCOLA DEL CONDADO, and farmers together, began to compete in the market as large. County wine born with the spirit of solidarity and common struggle for a dream: the fair distribution of the wine business. An ideal that is reflected in its wines, possessing the wisdom of the people dressed with the cooperative dream.

The creation of Vinícola del Condado marks a before and after in the history of Bollullos par del Condado as it involved an alternative to the situation of small winemakers opening up new expectations as they were joining the cooperative. Thanks to this the price of grapes was rising, a fact that both farmers cooperative as working independently benefited.

Now, half a century later, Vinícola del Condado, which began so humbly, is the largest wine cooperative in Andalusia and one of the largest in Spain. Vinícola del Condado has also brought an air of modernity to the region and has managed to combine the tradition of the wines of Condado de Huelva with the latest developments. Growing in quality, as evidenced by numerous international awards won by its wines, with the introduction of new varieties of grapes in the region, such as Colombard, with the investment of much of its resources in R + D + i and with the development of our new Lantero wines.

This avant-garde and solidarity spirit of Vinícola del Condado looks the XXI century with optimism. Currently immersed in the draft comprehensive reform of its facilities, which will improve its positioning and its leadership in the Andalusian wine sector.