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Carámbano. Vino de Hielo.

The first Andalusian Ice Wine. Made in the warm summer of Huelva, the overripe grapes of the Muscat varieties of Alexandria and Zalema are frozen in cold stores before pressing. When the grain is frozen, the water expands and breaks the grapes, releasing a large concentration of sugars, acids and aromatic precursors, which are developed in fermentation. It stops spontaneously when it reaches 11-12 degrees, leaving still an elegant natural sweetness due to its concentration. Nothing to envy to the great German or Canadian Ice Wine.



Commercial name: Icicle

Production area: Huelva County

Type of wine: Ice Wine. Natural sweet

Type of wine according to sugars: sweet

Type of wine according to aging: does not have

Alcoholic degree: 10% Vol.

Grape variety: zalema and muscatel

Format: 50 cl.



Pale yellow with golden hues, it is a very clean and bright wine. The nose is fragrant, and the fruity and floral notes (orange blossom and jasmine) of the Muscat variety stand out. Loaded with primary aromas reminiscent of the grapes from which it comes, in the mouth it presents a pleasant sweetness, nothing excessive, which combined with a good acidity rounds it leaving a full sensation. It is unctuous and intense in the retronasal way, where the fruity and floral sensations come back.


It is perfect with both salted and desserts.