Érase una vez

Semi-sweet young white wine, made by controlled fermentation that has stopped fermentation before all its sugars have become alcohol, leaving a soft sweetness. Made with grapes of the Zalema variety, native to Huelva County, and Muscat of Alexandria, resulting in a unique wine.



Commercial name: Once upon a time

Production area: Huelva County

Type of wine: young white

Type of wine according to sugars: semi-sweet

Type of wine according to aging: does not have

Alcoholic degree: 11% Vol.

Grape variety: zalema and muscatel

Format: 75 cl.



Pale yellow, bright, and with a clean nose, it is a wine where herbaceous and floral notes stand out. It shows a pleasant sweetness in the mouth, but not excessive, and the acidity is well controlled. In retronasal route it is unctuous and intense.


After a consensual approval they paired him with delicious partridges and were very happy.