Drink made from the controlled temperature fermentation of a mixture of grape juice and strawberries from Huelva, to which the fermentation is cut by physical procedures before all its sugars are transformed into alcohol. Subsequently it is bottled with all the carbon generated in the fermentation, resulting in a Frizzante wine. The autochthonous grape varieties of Huelva County, zalema and moraina, join a Fresón de Palos smoothie to ferment together in stainless steel tanks, reaching a graduation of 9% Vol. The main crops of Doñana, grape and strawberry, come together to give rise to this innovative and unique drink that will surprise all kinds of palates.



Commercial Name: Fresh-On

Alcoholic degree: 9% Vol.

Grape variety: zalema and moraina

Format: 75 cl.


Very clean and bright, with intense and vivid pink colors. The nose has a wide variety of primary aromas, aromas of ripe red fruits, strawberry, raspberry and currants, which are complemented by delicate floral aromas of pink and violet. In the mouth, a mixture of sensations that surprise consumers, because at the entrance it is acidic and sweet at the same time, and carbonic helps expand this sensation. Retronasally return the same sensations to red fruits that appeared on the nose.


Ideal for snacks such as Iberian ham, cheese, seafood and fried fish.