Lantero Cosecha

Made from a careful selection of Syrah and Tempranillo grapes, grown in our vineyards, this red wine is the result of a long research process in Vinícola del Condado, which has allowed a perfect adaptation of these two varieties to Huelva County lands, giving rise to a very well structured wine, with a very defined body and aromas. An avant-garde wine designed for the most exquisite palates.



Commercial name: Lantero Harvest

Production area: Bollullos Par del Condado

Designation of Origin: D.O. Huelva County

Type of wine: young red

Type of wine according to sugars: dry

Type of wine according to aging: does not have

Alcoholic degree: 13% Vol.

Grape variety: syrah and tempranillo

Format: 75 cl.



Cherry red, elegant, with violet hues in the upper layer that denote his youth. Clean and very bright. Primary aromas reminiscent of red berries (blackberry, raspberry, cassis) and roasted notes that evoke cocoa and produce balsamic sensations. Very fruity. It is dry, very balanced, light to the palate and good aromatic intensity in the retronasal route. Highlights are noble tannins and a certain sweetness that permeates all taste buds.


Perfect to accompany a cheese board or a good chacina, also perfectly paired with grilled meats.