Mioro Gran Selección

The wine tradition of Huelva County and the extensive winemaking experience of the winery have been combined to offer a unique wine. To delight the most demanding palates. Made from a careful selection of zalema and listán de Huelva grapes – autochthonous varieties of the County -, collected at the right time for an adequate balance of acidity and freshness. The must obtained ferments at a controlled temperature between 14 and 16 degrees, and then a rearing is done on lees to provide greater complexity and volume in the mouth. Mioro Gran Selección is, without a doubt, the great white wine of the South.



Commercial name: Mioro Gran Selección
Denomination of Origin: Huelva County
Type of wine: young white
Alcoholic degree: 12% Vol.
Grape variety: zalema and listán de Huelva
Format: 75 cl.


Pale yellow, with greenish hues, very clean and bright. On the nose it appears endowed with primary aromas: on the one hand, white fruit aromas reminiscent of apple, pear and banana, and that come from the zalema grape; on the other, floral and herbaceous aromas of the listán variety. Great step by mouth, where it shows very elegant, and balanced acidity, with a medium persistence and good structure. Retronasally return all those fruity aromas that stood out in the olfactory phase.


Ideal with any dish, especially seafood and seafood: chocos, squid, fish. Also snacks such as Iberian ham, cheeses and all kinds of scrambled eggs and rice.


2017 CINVE Award

2008 Mosque Award

Bronze Medal International Sample of Marbella 2003

Bronze Tendril 2002