Misterio Condado Viejo

Obtained from the traditional system of hatcheries and soleras, by oxidative aging, from a careful selection of grapes of the Zalema variety. From the Mystery wine range, it is part of a family of generous wines that give pleasant sensations to the palate, the result of decades of experience and good winemaking of the Cooperative, and collect the best of the winemaking tradition of the county of Huelva In addition, they reflect our commitment to maintain a unique and exclusive oenological richness in southern Spain.



Commercial name: Mystery Old County

Denomination of Origin: Huelva County

Type of wine: generous

Type of wine according to sugars: dry

Alcoholic degree: 18% Vol.

Grape variety: 100% zalema

Format: 75 cl.




Ideal with all kinds of tapas and snacks, especially cheese, pork and Iberian ham. Fantastic also with stews and meats, especially game meats.