Misterio Oloroso Muy Viejo

Among the Andalusian wines, the fragrant is the one that has best represented the good work of the wineries of Huelva County. Bodegas Privilegio del Condado has this oenological jewel, an authentic treasure of more than 70 years of old age, which recovers for the enjoyment of your palate. Aged and matured in the silent gloom of the old walls of an old Bollullos winery, this wine is proof of the County Privilege’s commitment to maintain an oenological wealth that is unique and exclusive to Southern Spain, and whose social, cultural and cultural value Historical transcends the purely commercial.



Commercial name: Very Old Odorous Mystery

Denomination of Origin: Huelva County

Type of wine: generous

Type of wine according to sugars: dry

Alcoholic degree: 20% Vol.

Grape variety: 100% zalema

Format: 50 cl.



In sight it is very attractive, with a beautiful mahogany color and pearl reflections. The nose is a very clean, intense and elegant wine, with aromas of wood and oxidative aging. Highlights his pungent memories of nuts, toffee and coffee. In the mouth it is dry, full of flavors, persistent and tasty. Complex and very balanced, and very persistent in the retronasal route.


We recommend enjoying it alone, slowly. Handkerchief wine.