Misterio Vermouth

Vermouth made following the traditional recipe of the 50s. Obtained with the maceration of more than 40 species of herbs, flowers and different roots, among which wormwood, star anise, clove, elderberry, cardamom, orange peel, vanilla, cinnamon , sage, nutmeg, ginger, chamomile and other herbs of Doñana, such as fennel, juniper, jara and thyme. All this aromatic compendium is added to a mixture of fragrant, sweet and fine wines, which gives complexity and nuances completely different from the classic vermouth. Later it ages in American oak boots for a minimum period of 15 months, by the traditional system of hatcheries and screeds, which guarantee the consistency and old age of the product.



Commercial name: Mystery Experience

Alcoholic degree: 15% Vol.

Grape variety: Alexandrian zalema and muscat

Format: 75 cl.



Mahogany color with iodine and nacarine reflections. Very clean and bright. Intense and persistent nose, dominated by wormwood and elderberry, where the spicy cinnamon, clove and vanilla aromas appear to end the subtle aroma of Doñana herbs. On the palate it presents a perfect balance between acidity and sugars.



Ideal to enjoy only with ice, or risk and look for contrasts with seafood such as oysters, clams or razors, finding a very pleasant and contrasted pairing.