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Seseo Moscato

Made from a careful and careful manual selection of grapes of the Muscat variety, which is stopped for fermentation, thus maintaining a pleasant sweetness and a sharp gaseous sensation caused by the carbon generated. The use of the most advanced technology in the entire manufacturing process makes it a noble and select wine. A real refreshing luxury.



Commercial name: Seseo Moscato

Denomination of Origin: Huelva County

Type of wine: white

Type of wine according to sugars: semi-sweet

Type of wine according to aging: does not have

Alcoholic degree: 7% Vol.

Grape variety: Muscat of Alexandria

Format: 75 cl.



Clean color, with shades ranging from straw yellow with pearl reflections to yellow with greenish reflections. Nose highly equipped with primary aromas characteristic of muscat, with fructity of apple, lemon and flowers. The palate is light, very tasty, soft and balanced, with good retronasal route and an elegant finish


Ideal companion of creams, seafood and fish, should be served at a temperature between 5ºC and 7ºC.