vdm Orange

Obtained from a scrupulous and limited selection of Muscat grapes from Alexandria collected in late harvest. The added alcohol is macerated in orange peel, to then subject the wine to an aging process of twelve months in oak boots. This sweet wine, silky in appearance and texture, is designed to delight the most demanding palates. Due to its exceptional characteristics and high quality, only those years are produced when the harvest has offered a fruit of proven quality capable of giving rise to a unique wine.



Commercial name: VDM Orange

Production area: Huelva County

Type of wine: Sweet liqueur wine

Type of wine according to sugars: sweet

Type of wine according to aging: aging in boots for at least twelve months

Alcoholic degree: 15% Vol.

Grape variety: 50% zalema and 50% Muscat of Alexandria

Format: 50 cl.



Mahogany orange, very bright and clean. The nose is aromatic, deep and persistent, with a markedly floral character (orange blossom, jasmine) and toasted from the barrel. In the mouth it is silky, with a slight sweetness that does not bog down, and when passing again the floral aromas with hints of caramel appear again. Complex and very long retronasal.


Ideal companion for desserts and sweets. Surprised combined in cocktails, especially with aged rum.